When trip's are cancelled due lack of surf, what creates good surf?

Sadly surf trips can be  cancelled because of a lack of surf.

Like all things related to weather forecasting, predicting surf well in advance is not easy, however you can look up surf prediction tables on the River Level page of the website.

The question is “What creates good surf?”

 Two main factors affect if the surf will be good:-

  • The local condition where you intend to surf
    • A gentle offshore wind will hold up and smooth the surface of the incoming waves and make them good for surfing
    • Exposure to the swell (waves)
    • The slope of the sea floor, too gentle and waves break early, steep or hitting a reef and the waves pushed up.
  •  Good swell or waves
    • Low pressure out at sea creates storms (see picture)
      • The tight isobars create strong winds, which in turn create waves
    • The swell will be bigger and last longer:
      • The longer the low pressure stays out at sea
      • the tighter the isobars are (resulting in stronger winds)
      • the bigger the area of sea covered by the low pressure

A more detailed explanation can be found ‘ http://www.surfing-waves.com/waves/best_waves.htm

We will try and rearrange the trip, when the predictions are good